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Videomeeting (1 uur) t.g.v. 12 jaar N20
zondag 28 juli

Saint Louis, 23 July 2019.

TO: All Level 20 Students Worldwide

RE: 12 Years Anniversary of Level 20 (July 28, 2007 – July 28 2019)


Dear students, instructors and directors:

We will be organizing a one-hour connection via zoom videoconference in celebrating the 12 years of Application and Practice as level 20 practitioners. We will focus on the core of the level 20 methodology which are: warm rice bath, merging, traveling into space, turn the body into energy.
The highlight of this event is to understand the HUE practice and application in order keeping our frequency to the highest as well as turning our bodies into energy at any moment. We will be spending time to practice and apply with wisdom and enlightenment with the intention and purpose to love and serve the greater family of the humanity.
We will also sharing the vision of the HUE school for the next 10 years. I cordially inviting and truly encourage all to participate in this special event.

Here are the details:
Date: SUNDAY, 28 July 2019
Time: 7:00 am – 8:00 am (Saint Louis time) (NL tijd 14:00-15:00 uur)
Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Broadcast: Zoom Videoconference

I kindly request all level 20 to share the announcement with all level 20 in your region.

You can send your request to our email address at with the following detail: your full name, date and place/country, name of your instructor of the level 20 you had completed, or a scan copy of your level 20 certificate.

We will email you the ZOOM ID and detail for the connection once we receive your information.


We look forward seeing you. Thank you very much for your attention.
Truly yours,
Luong Minh Trung, BSSW, MSW
President of HUE FACULTY®

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